Local Produce Cheese Boards

Our cheeseboards are a handpicked selection of five locally sourced County Durham Cheeses and accompaniments,

garnished with spring and red onions, serves two people…….Enjoy!

£25.00 for two

Why not add a bottle of wine for an extra special treat? – additional cost


Cheese Board Sample Menu


Our Cheese Boards are made up with lovingly selected local cow’s milk cheeses

℘   Weardale (firm)   ℘   Brie-a-Dale (soft)   ℘   St. Cuthbert (blue~veined)   ℘   Bonny Moor Hen (smoked)   ℘   Prince Bishop (blue~veined)  ℘   Pimenton (Spanish inspired with chilli flakes)


The Cheese Boards are made to order so must be booked in advance.

To order a Local Produce Cheese Board to enjoy during your stay with us please contact Louise:

0191 372 3457

or via email


Cheese Board Gift Vouchers are also available